Introducing Ørsted EBI public consultation

Ørsted is launching a public consultation concerning proposals to install a utility-scale energy storage system within the previously consented footprint of  Hornsea Three wind farm substation.

We are presenting a forward-looking set of proposals that will deliver solutions to better balance how the electricity system works and ultimately deliver cost benefits to consumers within Norfolk and beyond. We are actively consulting with the community about our plans as we prepare and finalise the proposal.

You will find information on energy-balancing infrastructure; the project; the commissioned surveys and reports; the maps and plans; elements of the detailed design; and the landscape visualisations on this website.


We welcome comments and suggestions on the proposed design and wider aspects of the project itself including how best to help address and mitigate any concerns you may have ahead of our planning submission.

Your input would be especially welcome on the design integration aspects of the project (look and feel, materials and colours) and our landscaping plans (fencing and vegetation), as these will feed directly into the detailed design of the project. We have provided some examples of the elements and types of choices that the detailed design process will consider but we are not committing to the examples provided at this stage.

A feedback form is available online here.

The consultation will run until 5pm on 24 September 2021.